refers to the classical hierarchical model of relations among structures in the primate brain, specifically of humans and macaques. It is the NeuroNames Brain Hierarchy, which is based on the grouping of structures by proximity, as in the Nomina Anatomica ( Nomina-1983 ). The hierarchy was first published in Bowden-1995 and incorporated into the Metathesaurus of the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) of the U.S. National Library of Medicine in 1992. It has been distributed in Excel workbook format through the Tools and Methods section of this website as NeuroNames 2002 and NeuroNames 2010. The hierarchy here is identical to that found through the button labeled 'Location in the Primate Brain' on the previous page, except that here the structures are not grouped into categories such as 'superficial' vs. 'volumetric', 'predominantly gray' vs. 'predominantly white', etc. For that information you should go Back to the 'Location in the Primate Brain' button on the preceding page.

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