area 7 of Brodmann (guenon)
Acronym: 7
The term area 7 of Brodmann (guenon) refers to a subdivision of the cytoarchitecturally defined parietal region of cerebral cortex in the guenon. It occupies most of the parietal lobe excluding the postcentral gyrus and superior parietal lobule. Brodmann-1909 considered it topologically homologous to the combined area 7 of Brodmann (human), area 40 of Brodmann (human) and area 39 of Brodmann. Cytoarchitecurally he regarded it as "a still undifferentiated precursor zone for all parietal areas (apart from area 5) ( Garey-1999 ).
      Distinctive features ( Brodmann-1905 ): in area 7 compared to area 5 of Brodmann (guenon), large ganglion cells are absent from the internal pyramidal layer (V); the pyramidal cells of the external pyramidal layer (III) sublayer 3b are, on average, larger; the multiform layer (VI) is denser and narrower and more sharply bounded by subcortical white matter.

Also known as: Brodmann's area 7, parietal area, Area parietalisNeuroNames ID : 1035

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