Anatomy in Action
Video demonstration of some basic methods.
Courtesy of the Brain Observatory, University of California at San Diego.


      1.1  Perfusion Stain: Methylene Blue & Fixation of Brain in situ

            1.1.1  Solutions for Methylene Blue Perfusion Stain
                      Paraformaldehyde Solution
                      Methylene Blue Solution  
                      Molybdate Solution
                      Saline/Heparin/Papaverine Solution

             1.1.2 Conventional Transcardiac Perfusion
                      Instruments and Materials

             1.1.3 Transcarotid Perfusion
                      Instruments and Materials

             1.1.4 Alternative Techniques Tested
                      Photograph Blockface of Fresh Unperfused Brain
                      Photograph Blockface of Frozen Unperfused Brain
                      Omit Molybdate from Methylene Blue Protocol
                      Omit Papaverine from Methylene Blue Protocol
                      Perfusion Stain by Cresyl Violet
                      Perfusion Stain by Potassium Dichromate