Contributor Position Years Contribution
Douglas M. Bowden
Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, School of Medicine. Core Staff Scientist,
Washington National Primate Research Center,
University of Washington, Seattle.
Conceptualization, administration, content generation
Mark F. Dubach
Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, School of Medicine. Research Affiliate, Washington National Primate Research Center.
Conceptualization, senior systems programmer
Erik McArthur
Animal Scientist,
Washington National Primate Research Center.
Digitization and formatting of images on the web, HTML troubleshooter
Evan Song
Information Technology Application Consultant, Washington National Primate Research Center.
Author of software for input and retrieval of information in SQL, system designer, system management consultant
Ioulia(Julia) Kocheleva
Library Specialist,
Washington National Primate Research Center.
Website curator and webmaster, ontology development
Eider Moore
Senior Computer Specialist
Washington National Primate Research Center.
3-D atlas developer and Java programmer
Contributor Position Years Contribution
William (Bill) Atkinson
Graduate Student
Conceptualization, author of HyperCard: the first computer application to enable efficient programming of the NeuroNames semantic network
Joev Dubach
High School student, Consultant
Authored software for NeuroNames, converted it to HTML for the web
Richard F. Martin
Research Scientist
Co-creator of NeuroNames, the tamplate Atlas and Primate Brain Maps
Miriam R. McLean
Research Literature Analyst
Digitization and formatting of images for overlays to the Template Atlas
Wolfgang Rauschning
Visiting Scientist
Cryosection and photography of coronal brain sections for frontal and occipital Template Atlas
John Reinke
Scientific Programmer
Authored the first NeuroNames software in BASIC
Joan E. Robertson
Research Associate
Authored software, developed and managed the NeuroNames/Template Atlas website
Larry Shupe
Scientific Programmer
Established and maintained the NeuroNames/Template Atlas website
Valery (Lera) Siderova
Graduate Student, Moscow State University
Entered Russian terms into NeuroNames database
John Wu
Scientific Programmer
Authored software to establish NeuroNames in MS Access and created Primate Brain Maps CD for publication by Elsevier Science, initiated development of BrainInfo
Joseph Yacker
Scientific Programmer
Authored Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software to generate Atlas images on the BrainInfo website
Evelyn (Ming) Zhou
SQL database designer/programmer
SQL database designer, system manager
Timothy Chen
SQL database designer/programmer
New SQL database designer and developer of input forms
Harry Kye
Web programmer
Assisted in conversion of frames to iframes and algorithms in Visual Basic to C#



We wish to express our appreciation to Orville Smith for lending his neuroanatomical expertise, his library, and his continual support and encouragement. We gratefully acknowledge George Paxinos, Larry J. Stensaas and Larry Swanson for their generous advice on the NeuroNames Hierarchy and morphologically homologous structures in the human, monkey and rat, and to Tom Merriweather and Rene de Ridder of Elsevier Science for overseeing the production of the Primate Brain Maps printed atlas and CD (

Thanks go to the editors and anonymous referees of the journal NeuroImage for very helpful critiques and publication of the first versions of the NeuroNames Brain Hierarchy (Bowden and Martin, 1995) and the Template Atlas (Martin and Bowden, 1996). Finally, we thank Kate Elias for editorial assistance and Joe Wilmhoff for expert assistance in establishing NeuroNames and the Template Atlas on the Web. This program has been supported by grants RR-00166, from the National Center for Research Resources and LM/OD-06243, from the National Library of Medicine and the Office of the Director, NIH, to the University of Washington. Its contents are solely the responsibility of contributor DMB.