lateral periaqueductal gray
The term lateral periaqueductal gray refers to one of four longitudinal cell columns in the periaqueductal gray that surrounds the cerebral aqueduct in the midbrain tegmentum. Revealed best by stain for nitiric oxide synthase (NADPH-diaphorase), it is found lateral to the aqueduct in the human, macaque, rat ( Carrive-2012 ), and mouse ( Franklin-2008 ). It stains lightly compared to the heavily stained dorsolateral periaqueductal gray column dorsal to it and compared to heavily stained neighboring and overlapping cell groups: the supraoculomotor cap and intercalated periaqueductal gray. It is located dorsal to the ventrolateral periaqueductal gray column, which also stains lightly. The fourth column is the lightly staining dorsomedial periaqueductal gray. Functionally all belong to the motor periaqueductal gray of the behavior control column in the cerebrospinal trunk ( Swanson-2004 ).

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