granular insula
Acronym: Ig
The term granular insula refers to a portion of the insula defined on the basis of internal structure. In the human it occupies the posterodorsal portion of the long insular gyri and is divided into two parts, area Ig1 of Kurth and area Ig2 of Kurth. In the macaque it also occupies the posterior part of the insula but is not subdivided ( Mesulam-1984; Paxinos-2009a ).
     Classified as neocortex ( true isocortex component ), the granular insula is distinguished from the adjacent dysgranular insula ( periallocortex ) by the presence of two distinct granular layers: external granular layer (II) and internal granular layer (IV) ( Zilles-2004 ).
     The architectonically equivalent structure of the rat ( Swanson-2004 ) and the mouse ( Dong-2004 ), which is referred to functionally as the visceral area, is located on the lateral surface rostral to the center of the hemisphere. It is ventral to the supplemental somatosensory areas, and dorsal to the dysgranular insula ( functional designation gustatory cortex) anteriorly, and to the agranular insular area posteriorly.

Also known as: granular insular area, granular insular cortex, visceral areaNeuroNames ID : 1192

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