piriform cortex
Acronym: PIR
The term piriform cortex refers to one of three parts of the anterior parahippocampal gyrus (PHGa) defined on the basis of internal structure in the human, macaque, rat and mouse ( NeuroNames ). Pear-shaped in the macaque, it is a much less pronounced prominence in the rat ( Paxinos-2009b ) and the mouse ( Hof-2000 ). In the human it does not resemble a pear at all. Rather it forms the walls of the hippocampal sulcus between the anterior parahippocampal gyrus below and the basal forebrain above ( Mai-1997 ). The other components of PHGa are the presubiculum and the entorhinal area.
      Functionally the piriform cortex is classified in the human and macaque as part of the hippocampal formation ( Glasser-2016 ); in the rat it is classified as part of olfactory areas (rodent) ( Swanson-2004 ). Updated 24 May 2024.

Also known as: lateral olfactory gyrus, piriform area, prepiriform cortex, prepyriform area, prepyriform cortex, pyriform area, Cortex piriformis, Regio praepiriformisNeuroNames ID : 165

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