retrosplenial granular area
Acronym: RSG
The term retrosplenial granular area refers to one of two divisions of retrosplenial cortex of cerebral cortex in the primate and one of two or three divisions in the rodent. It is defined by Nissl stain and located near the splenium of the corpus callosum. Cytoarchitecturally it is distinguished from the retrosplenial granular area, by the absence of a distinct granular layer. In primates it occupies a narrow strip of the isthmus of the cingulate gyrus deep in the callosal sulcus. It is identified with area 30 of Brodmann (human) ( Zilles-2004 ) and with area 30 (macaque) ( Vogt-1987 ). When seen in the rat ( Swanson-2004 ) and mouse ( Dong-2004 ) it is on the dorsomedial surface of the cerebral cortex lateral to the retrosplenial dysgranular area and medial to the mediomedial area of the secondary visual cortex.

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