CA fields
Acronym: CAs
The term CA fields refers to a substructure of the hippocampal formation defined on the basis of internal structure in the human, macaque, rat and mouse. It is composed of three fields, CA1 field, CA2 field and CA3 field. The CA stands for Cornu ammonis, one of three common names for the CA fields. Other common names for the CA fields are Ammon's horn and, simply, hippocampus. 'Hippocampus' is ambiguous, because it is also very widely used as a synonym for hippocampal formation and for archicortex.
     Architectonically, the CA fields are part of the archicortex ( Stephan-1976 ). The original description of the CA fields by Lorente de No ( No-1934 ) included a CA4 field, which subsequent investigators have tended to identify more with the hilus of the dentate gyrus than with the other CA fields. The hilus differs from CA fields 1-3 in terms of internal structure, connectivity and location in the dentate gyrus.

Also known as: ammon horn, Ammon's horn, hippocampus, hippocampus major, hippocampus proper, Cornu ammonis, HippocampusNeuroNames ID : 182

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