olfactory cortex
The term olfactory cortex refers to a group of structures defined by connectivity, namely, structures that receive axons from the olfactory bulb. They include the anterior olfactory nucleus, the olfactory tubercle, the rostral part of the medial amygdalar nucleus (anterior cortical nucleus of the amygdala), and structures in the anterior part of the parahippocampal gyrus, namely, the piriform area, most of the periamygdalar area, and the rostral part of the entorhinal area ( Price-1990 ). Note that some authors have regarded the olfactory bulb itself as the primary olfactory area and the areas to which it projects as secondary ( Anthoney-1994 ).

Also known as: olfactory area, primary olfactory areas, primary olfactory cortex, Regio olfactoriaNeuroNames ID : 2275

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