The term vermis refers to the midline lobe of the cerebellum. It is a composite substructure of the cerebellar cortex. It includes the vermis of the anterior lobe, which consists of the lingula (I)*, the central lobule (II and III), and the culmen (IV and V); and the vermis of the posterior lobe, which consists of the declive (VI), the folium (rostral half of VII), the tuber (caudal half of VII), the pyramis (VIII), and the uvula (IX) ( Carpenter-1983 ).
     *Roman numerals represent the corresponding designations of lobules of the vermis by Larsell ( Larsell-1970; Larsell-1972 ).

Also known as: cerebellar vermis, vermal region, vermal regions, Vermis (cerebelli), Vermis cerebelliNeuroNames ID : 2463

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