olfactory peduncle
Acronym: olf
The term olfactory peduncle refers to a slender cylindrical structure that connects the olfactory bulbs of primates anteriorly with the olfactory tract and anterior olfactory nucleus on the ventral surface of the frontal lobe posteriorly. Defined topologically by dissection it lies on the ventral surface of the orbital gyri in the olfactory sulcus between the straight gyrus medially and the medial orbital gyrus laterally ( Anthoney-1994 ). It contains parts of the olfactory tract and the anterior olfactory nucleus. It is found in the human ( Carpenter-1983 ) and the macaque ( Martin-2000 ).
      It is not found in the rat ( Swanson-2004 ) or mouse ( Hof-2000 ) where the olfactory bulb connects through the olfactory tract directly to the anterior olfactory nucleus, tenia tecta and piriform cortex of the rostral cerebral cortex. Because the predominant component of the olfactory peduncle is the olfactory tract, it is often labeled 'olfactory tract' in illustrations.
      Functionally, tt is part of the olfactory system, which mediates the sensation of smell ( Buck-2013 ). Updated 8 Jun 2024.

Also known as: olfactory stalk, olfactory tract, Tractus olfactoriusNeuroNames ID : 283

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