medial habenula
Acronym: MHb
The term medial habenula refers to one of two nuclei that comprise the habenular component of the epithalamus. It is present in the human ( Carpenter-1983 ), macaque ( Paxinos-2009a ), rat ( Swanson-2004 ), and mouse ( Franklin-2008 ). The other is the lateral habenula. Some authors divide the medial habenula of the rat into two parts: dorsal part of the medial habenula and ventral part of the medial habenula. They do not subdivide the lateral habenula ( Swanson-2004 ).
     Other authors do not subdivide the medial habenula but divide the lateral habenula of the rat ( Paxinos-2009b ) and the mouse ( Franklin-2008 ) into a medial part of the lateral habenula and lateral part of the lateral habenula.
     Neither nucleus is subdivided in the human ( Carpenter-1983 ) or the macaque ( Paxinos-2009a ). Functionally the habenula belongs to the central gray of the behavior control column ( Swanson-2004 ).

Also known as: medial habenular nucleus, Nucleus habenulae medialis, Nucleus habenularis medialisNeuroNames ID : 296

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