area 10m of Carmichael
Acronym: 10m
The term area 10m of Carmichael refers to a part of the superior frontal gyrus at the frontal pole that is defined on the basis of internal structure in the macaque ( Carmichael-1994 ). It constitutes a combination of area 10m and area 10r of the macaque ( Ongur-2003 ). Identifying features of the area are fiber plexi in the molecular layer of the cerebral cortex (I), the external pyramidal layer (III), the internal pyramidal layer (V) and the multiform layer (VI) that stain moderately for acetylcholinesterase and a second band of neuropil deep in the multiform layer (VI) that stains for chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan (8b3 antibody). Other features that distinguish it from some adjacent areas are radial striations revealed by Nissl stain in the external pyramidal layer (III) and the internal pyramidal layer (V) ( Carmichael-1994 ).

Also known as: area 10m, medial area 10NeuroNames ID : 2978

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