area 14c (macaque)
Acronym: 14c
The term area 14c (macaque) refers to a portion of the straight gyrus defined on the basis of internal structure in the macaque. It is one of two components of area 14 (macaque) in the orbitomedial prefrontal cortex. The other component is area 14r (macaque). An identifying feature of area 14c is a general dark stain for acetylcholinesterase, particularly of fiber plexi in the molecular layer of the cerebral cortex (I), the external pyramidal layer (III), the internal pyramidal layer (V) and the multiform layer (VI). Another significant structural feature is its agranular appearance compared to the dysgranular appearance of the adjacent area 14r ( Carmichael-1994 ).
     Its human equivalent is area 14c ( Ongur-2003 ). For a possible equivalent in the rat and mouse brain see orbital areas (rodent).

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