The term hippocampus refers to three overlapping anatomical concepts. Histologists and neurophysiologists tend to mean the CA fields ( Nomina-1983 ), also known as 'hippocampus proper', to designate most precisely the location of their cells of interest. Psychologists, neuroimagers and neurosurgeons tend to mean the hippocampal formation, which includes the CA fields, the dentate gyrus, the subiculum and associated white matter structures ( Crosby-1962 ), because that is the level of anatomical resolution that correlates best with the functions that interest them. Comparative anatomists and biologists tend to use the term to mean the entire archicortex, which includes the hippocampal formation, the fasciola cinerea, the supracallosal gyrus and the paraterminal gyrus, because all of those structures develop from the same part of the embryonic brain ( Stephan-1975 ). Click the one that you have in mind.

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