mesial secondary motor cortex
The term mesial secondary motor cortex refers to one of three areas of secondary motor cortex defined on the basis of internal structure, neurochemistry, connections and function in the human and the macaque ( Matelli-2004 ). In both species it is located on the mesial surface of the rostral part of the precentral gyrus and caudal part of the superior frontal gyrus. It is associated with the mesial part of area 6a of Vogts (mesial part of area 6 of Brodmann). It is divided into two parts: pre-SMA, which is involved in the sequencing of movements and SMA proper, which is involved in the execution of movements. The other components of secondary motor cortex are the dorsal secondary motor cortex and the ventral secondary motor cortex.

Also known as: mesial area 6, mesial premotor cortex, supplementary motor areaNeuroNames ID : 3167

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