rostral part of dorsal secondary motor cortex
The term rostral part of dorsal secondary motor cortex refers to the more anterior of two sectors of dorsal secondary motor cortex in the macaque and the human. It is defined on the basis of internal structure, connections and function ( Matelli-2004 ). In both species it is located in the caudal part of the superior frontal gyrus. In the human it comprises the dorsolateral part of area 6a beta of Vogts. In the macaque it is associated with area F7, which contains the supplementary eye field. It's primary input is from the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. Some neurons fire in response to visual stimuli unrelated to motor responses. Some respond to stimuli that match the target of an intentional arm movement. That finding, together with the observation that a lesion of the area eliminates performance of a learned arm response in the absence of other motor impairment suggests that it mediates working memory for spatial position in conditioned stimulus-response association tasks. The other sector is the caudal part of dorsal secondary motor cortex.

Also known as: area F7, area PMDrNeuroNames ID : 3174

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