frontopolar area
The term frontopolar area refers to a subdivision of cerebral cortex at the frontal pole. In the human it is defined on the basis of topology as a composite substructure of the frontal lobe that includes the frontomarginal gyrus and the three transverse frontopolar gyri ( Mai-1997 ). While it is to a large extent identifiable with area 10 as defined by internal structure, it is not regarded as a separate division of prefrontal cortex ( Preuss-1995; Petrides-2009 ).
     In the rat ( Swanson-2004 ) and mouse ( Hof-2000 ) it is identified by cytoarchitecture as the site where the motor cortex, prelimbic area, frontal association area, and orbital areas (rodent) converge. Some authors do not regard it as a separate structure but continue to segment those areas as they converge at the frontal pole ( Franklin-2008 ). Others regard it as the termination of the frontal association area rostral to termination of the other two ( Paxinos-2009b ). ( See also: frontal pole. )

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