somatic motoneuron pools
The term somatic motoneuron pools refers to a functionally defined set of nuclei and parts of nuclei in the midbrain, medulla, and spinal cord of the cerebrospinal trunk, which contain neurons with axons that pass in cranial nerves and spinal nerves of the peripheral nervous system to innervate the extraocular muscles, muscles of the face, and skeletal musculature. The pools include the oculomotor nuclear complex, trochlear nucleus, abducens nucleus, accessory abducens nucleus, motor nucleus of the trigeminal nerve, facial nucleus, accessory facial nucleus, efferent cochlear group, efferent vestibular nucleus, dorsal division of the ambiguous nucleus, accessory nerve nucleus, hypoglossal nucleus and anterior gray column of the spinal cord. Functionally the somatic motoneuron pools comprise one of two motoneuron groups. The other is the neuroendocrine motor zone ( Swanson-2004 ).

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