Acronym: PrS
The term presubiculum refers to an area identified architectonically by multiple stains in the subcallosal area, ventral to the genu of the corpus callosum of the human and the macaque. Considered as part of the anterior cingulate cortex, it is described as bounded rostrally by area 24 and caudally by the paraterminal gyrus and lamina terminalis. Other parts of the anterior cingulate cortex are area 24 and area 32. It is equivalent to area 25 (macaque), which is located similarly in the subcallosal area ( Vogt-2012 ).
     Considered as part of the medial prefrontal cortex, it is described as located between the rostrum of the corpus callosum and lamina terminalis caudodorsally, and area 24 and area 32pl rostroventrally. It together with area 32ac, area 32pl and parts of area 24 constitute the medial prefrontal cortex in the human, A small, poorly laminated agranular area, it together with area 32pl are topologically equivalent to area 25 of Brodmann (human) ( Ongur-2003 ). For more on the relations of this segmentation and terminology to others, see Ongur-2003 and Vogt-2012 ).
     As agranular cortex it may have an equivalent in the orbital areas (rodent) and/or the anterior cingulate area (of the rodent) ( Swanson-2004; Hof-2000 ).

Also known as: area 25NeuroNames ID : 3490

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