area 11l
Acronym: 11l
The term area 11l refers to the more lateral of two components of area 11 in the human and the macaque. The other is area 11m. Defined on the basis of multiple stains in the human, it occupies the lateral two-thirds of the center of the orbital gyri. It is bounded rostrally by area 10p; caudally, from lateral to medial, by area 47m and area 13l; medially by the other component of area 11, area 11m; and laterally by area 47r. Its boundaries based on multiple fMRI, functional and connectivity criteria are somewhat different in that the rostral boundary is with area a10p, the caudal boundary with area 13l, the lateral boundary with area 47m caudally and area a47r rostrally, and the medial boundary with area OFC caudally and area 10pp rostrally ( Glasser-2016 ). It is activated in CUE, MOTOR CUE, and WORKING MEMORY tasks and deactivated in LANGUAGE STORY, LANGUAGE STORY-MATH, THEORY OF MIND-RANDOM, and FACES-SHAPES contrast tasks. Other authors have referred to a heavily overlapping area as Fo3 ( Glasser-2016 ).
     Also defined by multiple stains in the macaque, it is distinguished from adjacent areas by its granularity and a bilaminate internal pyramidal layer (V) with aggregates of pyramidal cells revealed by Nissl stain and vertical myelinated fiber bundles in the external granular layer (II), the internal granular layer (IV), and the internal pyramidal layer (V) ( Carmichael-1994 )..
     As granular prefrontal cortex, it has no equivalent in the rat ( Wallis-2012 ).

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