insulo-orbital agranular cortex
Acronym: IOC
The term insulo-orbital agranular cortex refers to a portion of cerebral cortex that spans the junction of the anterior part of the insula and the orbital gyri in the human ( Zilles-2004 ) and the macaque ( Mesulam-1982 ). The insular component is the agranular sector of the insula, also known as 'area Ia-p'; the orbital component is the agranular orbitofrontal cortex, which has four or five components, whose acronyms begin similarly 'Ia'.
     Identified on the basis of internal structure as peripaleocortex, it has a few scattered granule cells, but no clusters of granule cells that would define it as dysgranular or granular cortex. Having neither an external granular layer (II) nor an internal granular layer (IV) it is agranular cortex ( Mesulam-1984 ).
     While it has no topological equivalent in the smooth cortex of the rat ( Swanson-2004 ) and mouse ( Dong-2004 ), it is architecturally equivalent to the rodent's agranular insular cortex, which is located rostrally on the ventrolateral surface of the cerebral cortex. It is dorsal to the piriform cortex and ventral to the gustatory cortex and visceral cortex.

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