area 9/46
Acronym: 9/46
The term area 9/46 refers to an area defined by internal structure and located centrally in the middle frontal gyrus. Identified on the basis of multiple stains, it is bounded caudally by area 8A above and area 44 below, rostrally by area 10, dorsally by the superior frontal sulcus and area 9, and ventrally by the middle frontal sulcus and area 45. Embedded in its rostral portion is area 46. It is subdivided into two parts, area 9/46d and area 9/46v. It is named 9/46, because, while it occupies an area topologically equivalent to area 9 of Brodmann (human) ventral to the superior frontal sulcus, it shares architectonic features both of area 9 of Brodmann (human) and of area 46 of Brodmann ( Petrides-2012 ). Architectonically it is part of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, which is one of the most variably segmented parts of human cerebral cortex ( Zilles-1990 ). In this segmentation it is one of four parts. The others are area 8, area 9, and area 46.
     Its equivalent in the macaque is located similarly, except that area 46 is not embedded but extends rostrally from it into area 10. ( Petrides-2012 ). As granular prefrontal cortex, it has no equivalent in the rat ( Zilles-2012 ).

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