area 46
Acronym: 46
The term area 46 refers to an area defined by internal structure and located centrally in the middle frontal gyrus. It is identified on the basis of multiple stains. A roughly circular area in the human, it is surrounded, except for its rostral tip, by area 9/46. It is equivalent to area 46 of Brodmann. Architectonically it is one of four parts of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. The others are area 8, area 9, and area 9/46 ( Petrides-2012 ).
     Its equivalent in the macaque is topologically similar, except that it is more oval in shape and is not embedded in area 9/46; it extends rostrally from area 9/46, ventral to area 9 and dorsal to area 12 ( Petrides-2012 ). As granular prefrontal cortex, it has no equivalent in the rat ( Zilles-2012 ).

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