area d32
Acronym: d32
The term area d32 refers to one of three subdivisions of area 32o in the human ( Vogt-2013 ). Located in the external cingulate gyrus, it is bounded dorsally by area 8BM and rostrally by area 9m ( Glasser-2016 ). It is bounded ventrally by area p32 and area 24c and caudally by area 32pr ( Vogt-2013 ). Defined by multiple criteria ( Glasser-2016 ), it is fMRI-activated in WORKING MEMORY, SOCIAL and RELATIONAL primary contrasts and in RELATIONAL-MATCH and LANGUAGE MATH-STORY contrast tasks. It is deactivated in LANGUAGE-STORY, FACES-SHAPES and THEORY OF MIND-RANDOM contrast tasks.
     The macaque, rat and mouse to not have an equivalent area ( Vogt-2013 ).

Also known as: No other name for this structure has appeared in PubMed.NeuroNames ID : 3549

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