area POS2
Acronym: POS2
The term area POS2 refers to one of the more rostral of four areas on the medial surface of the hemisphere, in the anterior bankof the parieto-occipital sulcus. that are transitional between early visual cortex and posterior cingulate association cortex. The others are area DVT, area ProS, and area POS1. POS2 is bounded caudally by area DVT, dorsally by area 7PL, rostrally by area 7m, and ventrally by area POS1. It is transitional in the sense that it shares architectural features with areas more rostral and functional features similar to areas more caudal. It has strong functional connectivity with area RSC. Defined in the human by multiple criteria, it is involved in the performance of an extensive number of tasks. It is fMRI-activated in MOTOR CUE, BODY and FACE tasks, and is deactivated in PLACE, FACES, LANGUAGE, MATH, STORY, and THEORY OF MIND tasks, ( Glasser-2016 ).

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