area 47s
Acronym: 47s
The term area 47s refers to a narrow strip of orbital prefrontal cortex located caudally in the lateral orbital gyrus. Located in proximity to the lateral orbital sulcus (hence 's' in the acronym), it is bounded rostrally by area 47l and area 47m, laterally by area AAIC and area AVI, caudally by area Pir and area pOFC, and medially by area 13l. Defined in the human by multiple criteria, it is fMRI-activated in LANGUAGE-STORY, STORY-MATH, THEORY OF MIND-RANDOM, and FACES-SHAPES contrast tasks ( Glasser-2016 ).
     Its equivalent in the macaque is often referred to as area 12o. An identifying feature is a sparsity of myelination. Other features that distinguish it from some adjacent areas are a weakly stained internal granular layer (IV) and lack of sublamination of the internal pyramidal layer (V) ( Carmichael-1994 ). As granular prefrontal cortex, it has no architectonic equivalent in the the rat ( Wallis-2012 )..

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