NeuroNames Ontology and Standard Nomenclature

Manual for NeuroNames in JSON

Provides overview and explanations of keys and tags in the JSON version of the NeuroNames Ontology and Standard Nomenclature

NeuroNames in JSON API Service

DOWNLOAD NeuroNames Ontology and Standard Nomenclature of some 3000 central nervous system structures in the human, macaque, rat and mouse. This JSON version includes: 1) a set of unique Standard Terms for controlled vocabularies that enable unambiguous neuroanatomical tagging and indexing of data in websites and databases; 2) Synonyms for interpretation of search queries in multiple terminologies, including a comprehensive set of English and Latin terms found in major textbooks, research publications and brain atlases as well as terms for the most common brain structures in six other languages: French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Russian and Spanish; 3) operational Definitions of all structures (the feature of NeuroNames that makes it an ontology as well as a nomenclature); 4) Parents of structures in several different hierarchical models of neuroanatomical organization; 5) URLs to BrainInfo pages with links to further information on structures. The JSON file is updated as information is added to BrainInfo/NeuroNames.

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