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Manual for NeuroNames Nomenclature
            XML and Excel Formats

Overview and explanations of tags in the XML version and column headings in the Excel versions of NeuroNames

NeuroNames Nomenclature of Mammalian Neuroanatomy
            XML Version as of 12/17/2018

Download NeuroNames nomenclature of central nervous system structures (brain and spinal cord). The XML version includes: 1) a set of unique Standard Terms for the controlled vocabularies required for neuroanatomical tagging and indexing of data in websites and databases; 2) Synonyms for interpretation of search queries in multiple terminologies, including a comprehensive set of English and Latin terms found in major textbooks, research publications and brain atlases, terms for equivalent structures in the human, macaque, rat and mouse, and terms for the most common brain structures in six other languages: French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Russian and Spanish; 3) URLs to BrainInfo pages with text descriptions of structures, illustrations and information on their connections, cells, and gene expression. For full information about this version of the nomenclature, see the Manual of NeuroNames Nomenclature in XML and Excel above. The XML version is updated nightly.
To download the nomenclature in XML: right click here and save the file. Note that this Excel version of NeuroNames was last updated in 2010. The XML version above is current.

NeuroNames Ontology of Mammalian Neuroanatomy: NN2010*

Click to download an Excel workbook that contains the NeuroNames nomenclature for 2350 structures of the human, macaque, rat and mouse brains, as well as almost 10,000 English and Latin names for them. The tables provide web addresses to pages in BrainInfo that correspond to different structures.

Nomenclatures of Canonical Mouse and Rat Brain Atlases

By clicking above you can download an Excel workbook that contains the nomenclatures used by Paxinos and Franklin (2001), Hof et al. (2000), Swanson (2004), and Allen Institute for Brain Science (2004). The tables provide web addresses to pages in BrainInfo that correspond to the authors' terms. These tables are helpful for making web sites that use the four atlases interoperable with each other and with BrainInfo.

* The NeuroNames database of anatomical names and concepts, first issued in Excel workbook format in 2002, has been substantially reorganized and expanded. It now includes names for spinal cord structures and many terms for brain structures from mouse and rat atlases. All anatomic concepts have been given new identification numbers (IDs) and many were given new default names for use within BrainInfo. The old IDs and URLs still work, so users who have linked their websites to the Central Directories for specific structures do not need to modify their systems for access to information on those structures. Information on some 800 structures added since 2002, however, can only be accessed using the new IDs and new URL format.

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