Source: Brodmann-1905

Beitraege zur histologischen Lokalisation der Grosshirnrinde: dritte Mitteilung: Die Rindenfelder der niederen Affen

Brodmann K
Journal fuer Psychologie und Neurologie, 4:5/6:177-226, 1905.

Entitled, Report on histological localization in the cerebral cortex: Third communication: The cortical fields of monkeys, this report provides the data that was the basis for Brodmann's segmentation of the cortex of the guenon (Cercopithecus) in Brodmann-1909. It indicates that, while he based his drawings primarily on species of the Genus Cercopithecus (Cercopithecus mona and Cercopithecus fuliginosus), he observed similar patterns in Macaca mulatta. German text, Latin nomenclature, diagrams of cortex in horizontal sections with the cortex subdivided on the basis of cytoarchitecture into divisions that are referred to by numbers as "types" of cortex. Included are illustrations and narrative descriptions of the locations of types of cortex relative to sulci and gyri.

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