Source: Hof-2000

Comparative Cytoarchitectonic Atlas of the C57BL/6 and 129/Sv Mouse Brains

Hof PR, Young WG, Bloom FE, Belichenko PV, Celio MR
Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2000

"The mouse is rapidly becoming the most commonly used mammalian resource in biomedicine... Because many transgenic mice (gene knock-out and knock-in) models are used in neuroscience, it is important to document the differences in brain organization existing among different mouse strains. This atlas represents a first step in this direction comparing the anatomic organization of the brains of the C57BL/6 and the 129/Sv mice, two substrains that are frequently used in studies of the central nervous system... For each animal, a representative [coronal] series of 49 levels for general cytoarchitecture and 6 levels for myeloarchitecture are presented in standard stereotaxic coordinates... The left side of the brain [which is displayed on the right side of the plates] contains a superimposed outline of the relevant anatomical structures. Facing each plate, a schematic outline of the left hemisphere of the brain is provided... Small parasagittal diagrams show the rostrocaudal location of the plates... Matching CD-ROMS, containing all of the plates in Adobe Illustrator 8.0 format, TIFF images of the scanned sections, structure lists and comparative index, are provided." (from the Introduction, pp. 1-2) The nomenclature is that of the rat brain as defined in Swanson-1998. Elsevier

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