Source: Martin-2000

Primate Brain Maps: Structure Of The Macaque Brain

Martin RF, Bowden DM, Wu J, Dubach MF, Robertson JE
Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2000

Now out of print, Primate Brain Maps is a hard-cover book with accompanying CD-ROM. The book includes a history of primate brain atlases from Serres (1824) to Paxinos et al. (1999), and a thorough survey of the 30 most comprehensive primate brain atlases of the twentieth century, from tree shrew to chimpanzee; methods and nomenclature (NeuroNames™) used in the preparation of the atlas; 58 labelled coronal sections at 1mm intervals from the brain of Macaca fascicularis, with photomicrographs of their associated Nissl-stains; 4 labelled maps of the cortical surface; quantitative comparison of the size and variation of subcortical structures of the macaques and other primate species as represented in published stereotaxic atlases; and applicability of Primate Brain Maps to different macaques and other primate species; how to use the atlas templates provided on the CD-ROM for mapping data. Preface. Table of contents. 1. History of brain atlases for nonhuman primates. 2. Atlases for informatics and quantitative neuroanatomy. 3. Primate brain maps. 4. Mapping. 5. Applicability of the template atlas to other primate species. 6. Legend for atlas maps. 7. Maps of the cortical surface. 8. Maps of coronal sections. 9. Structure index. 10. Abbreviation index. 11. References. Appendix: Interactive primate brain maps CD-ROM. The CD-ROM includes the 58 coronal sections as unlabelled template files in eps format (two sets - landmark and boundary), for downloading and use in mapping primate neuroanatomical data. The four cortical surface maps, and views of the major sulci opened, available as template files in eps format for download and mapping onto. NeuroNames™ a fully searchable database of over 7000 synonyms for over 1400 neuroanatomical structures found in humans, other primates and rats, and a hierarchy of some 350 volumetric structures designed to be used as a skeleton for digital data management in spreadsheets or 2- and 3-D spatial environments - all linked to a fully labelled version of the atlas. A unique library of over 500 Nissl, myelin, frozen coronal and MRI images of the macaque brain - all linked to their nearest appropriate labelled atlas map.

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