Source: Paxinos-2000

The Rhesus Monkey Brain in Stereotaxic Coordinates

Paxinos G, Huang X-F, Toga AW
Academic Press, San Diego (2000)

This atlas provides the first comprehensive delineation of subcortical and and cortical areas in the nonhuman primate. The cytoarchitectural delineations of cortical areas and certain subcortical nuclei were assisted by a number of neuroanatomists renowned for studies of the primate brain. Coronal photographs of sections selected at 0.4mm intervals from frontal pole to occipital pole are paired with comprehensively segmented, labeled diagrams. Sections stained for Nissl substance alternate with sections reacted for acetylcholinesterase. A stereotaxic grid based on the orbitomeatal plane deviates about 11 degrees from the bicommissural plane.

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