Source: Hanaway-1998

The Brain Atlas: a Visual Guide to the Human Central Nervous System

Hanaway J, Woolsey TA, Mokhtar HG, Roberts MP
Fitzgeral Science Press, Bethesda, Maryland, 1998.

This richly illustrated atlas is arranged in five parts: 1) background, methods, tips for use and general references; 2) life-size images of the gross anatomy of the brain as represented by photographs of the surfaces, dissections, vascular regions, MRIs, etc.; 3) blockface photos of brain sections cut in coronal, sagittal and horizontal planes with insets to show the regions supplied by particular arteries; 4) low power microscopic images showing the histologic organization of subcortical and brainstem structures; and 5) computer based illustrations of the course of major ascending and descending pathways.

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