Source: Swanson-1998

Brain Maps: Structure of the Rat Brain

Swanson LW
Second Revised Edition, Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, 1998

A laboratory guide with printed and electronic templates for data, models and schematics, "this brain atlas is a hybrid of print and electronic media. It is, on the one hand, a second revised edition of the larger, more ambitious book, Brain maps: Structure of the Rat Brain (Swanson-92); and, on the other hand, an improvement on the less sophisticated template files on floppy discs, Brain Maps: Computer Graphics Files (Swanson 1993). The need for a smaller book at the side of the microscope or monitor is obvious --- so long as laptop computers are larger with less resolution. Further advantage has been taken of better hardware and software to design more useful computer graphics templates. The core of this work is a series of 73 computer graphics maps or templates, which are drawings traced from photomicrographs of thin, approximately transverse histological sections down the longitudinal axis of the adult brain. The original files contained a series of unilateral drawings in Adobe Illustrator 3, which did not feature the use of layers (transparent overlays). The new files are more sophisticated, and were created in Adobe Illustrator 7, although they can be used with other professional drawing applications, as well as a basic drawing tool kit included on the CD-ROM" (from Preface, p. V). Many NeuroNames terms for rat brain structures were taken from this source. The volume includes extensive citation of original sources of the structural concepts illustrated, a comprehensive hierarchical arrangement of concepts and a flatmap schema of relationships of the major anatomical subdivisions of the rodent brain that takes into account embryological origin and connectivity as well as morphology and proximity in the grouping of the primary structures of the brain..

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