frontal region
The term frontal region was used by Brodmann for the frontal lobe excluding its cytoarchitecturally defined precentral region. On the medial surface of the hemisphere its boundary with the cingulate region is an arc formed by the cingulate sulcus above and by the superior rostral sulcus below. It includes the area 8 of Brodmann (human), the area 9 of Brodmann (human), the area 10 of Brodmann (human), the area 11 of Brodmann (human), the area 44 of Brodmann, the area 45 of Brodmann (human), the area 47 of Brodmann (human) and the area 46 of Brodmann (human). Many authors now call approximations of Brodmann's frontal region "prefrontal" ( Brodmann-1909, Anthoney-1994 ).

Also known as: anterior frontal cortex, frontal association areas, lateral prefrontal cortex, prefrontal lobe, prefrontal regionNeuroNames ID : 2429

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