area 10
Acronym: 10
The term area 10 refers to an area occupying the transverse frontopolar gyri and the most rostral portion of the orbital gyri of the frontal lobe in the human. Granular cortex identified on the basis of multiple stains it is bounded on the orbital surface of the lobe by area 47/12. Although considered part of orbital prefrontal cortex in the macaque ( Carmichael-1994 ), in the human it extends well onto the medial surface of the frontal lobe, where it is bounded dorsally and caudally by area 9, area 32ac, area 24, and area 32pl; ventrally it is bounded by area 14 caudally and by area 11m rostrally.
     It is one of 10 subdivisions of the orbitomedial prefrontal cortex; the others besides those mentioned are, area 13, area 25, and the agranular orbitofrontal cortex.
     It has three subdivisions: area 10p, area 10r, and area 10m. The equivalent area in the macaque is area 10 (macaque), which differs in that it has only two subdivisions: area 10m (macaque) and area 10o (macaque). As granular prefrontal cortex, area 10 has no equivalent in the rat ( Wallis-2012 ).

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