Source: NeuroNames


Bowden DM, Martin RF, Dubach M
University of Washington, Seattle, WA

NeuroNames is cited as the source of facts that are such common knowledge that textbooks and brain atlases do not state them explicitly. For example, that the rat has a forebrain, or that the mouse does not have a precentral sulcus.

NeuroNames is also sometimes cited as the source of a term needed to complete the nomenclature in English or Latin and no published source of the term has been found. In most cases, the term is an English translation of a commonly used Latin term or an acronym adopted as the default acronym for a structure in the Template Atlas on the BrainInfo website.

In some cases a primary structure has been subdivided to reflect the fact that parts of it are located in more than one superstructure. For example, the fasciculus retroflexus appears in both the midbrain and the interbrain. The subdivisions are named fasciculus retroflexus of the midbrain and of the interbrain respectively, and the names are attributed to NeuroNames.

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