Source: BrainInfo-2001


Bowden DM
BrainInfo (2001), Neuroscience Division, Regional Primate Research Center, University of Washington,

This citation appears as the source of information so commonly known that no publication bothers to mention it. An example is that the rat, whose cerebral cortex is smooth, has no superior frontal gyrus. BrainInfo-2001 appears also as the source of terms that we have created to assure that a structure extending across multiple superstructures appears as a part of each of the superstructures; for example the 'medial longitudinal fasciculus of the midbrain', 'medial longitudinal fasciculus of the pons' and 'medial longitudinal fasciculus of the medulla'. It appears as the source of standard names of structures for which all names in the literature are too long to be useful in everyday speech, e.g., 'anterior cortical amygdalar nucleus (BrainInfo-2001)' for 'cortical amygdalar nucleus, posterior part (Swanson-2004)' or 'rostral division of the ventral cortical amygdaloid nucleus (Olmos-2004). Finally, it appears as the source of names for structures found only in the 2D macaque atlas of BrainInfo, such as the 'cuneate white matter', 'superior frontal white matter', etc.

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