Source: Powell-1959

Powell TPS, Mountcastle VB
Bulletin of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, 105:108-130, 1959

The cytoarchitecture of the medial two-thirds of the postcentral gyrus of Macaca mulatta is described. Three fields are recognized. The anterior field, area 3 of Powell-1959, is composed of granulous cortex; area 1 of Powel-1959 and area 2 of Powell-1959 are formed of cortex showing graded changes to the typical parietal cortex of area 5 of Powell-1959 and area 7 of Powell-1959. Area 2 is characterized by an increase in the number of large pyramidal cells in the internal granular layer (IV) and the internal pyramidal layer (V). The findings are discussed in relation to previous descriptions and to experimental results on the thalamic projection to this region.

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